iBR9000™ Guard Tour System

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I change the battery in the iBR9000 and when does it require changing?
The iBR9000 is powered by a standard 3 volt battery which is accessed by removing the cover from the back of the iBR9000™ with the allen (hexagonal) key we provided with the iBR9000. When the light stays on constantly this indicates that the battery requires changing.

How many scans does the iBR9000 hold?
The iBR9000 is capable of storing up to 9200 scans in its memory.

Where should I place the buttons?
Buttons should be placed in inconspicuous places especially when they are in a public place. Their small size makes it very easy for them to not be noticed. The other consideration is the route the Guard takes when going from button to button. The route should be designed to provide the maximum patrolling coverage. As the buttons can be used in temperatures between -40°F to 185°F they can be placed outside without any problem.

Can I use military time in the system and on the reports?
The software uses the setting from your computer for the date and time format. This allows you to customize the date and time format to your wishes consistently throughout the program.


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