iBR9000 Guard Tour Systems

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Transfer data from remote iBR900 sites
stainless steel iBR9000 read head


Play it safe Guard Tour

TouchProbe - iBR9000 Guard Tour Systems are used around the world every day by security guards to automate their jobs and provide verification they are performing their guard tour patrol job correctly.

iButton wall mount bracketiButtoniButton key ring tabs

The guard tour patrol system uses rugged data collection hardware and powerful yet easy-to-use software designed and manufactured in the USA.

The guard walks his rounds and touches iButtons at each designated location to provide verification of their rounds.

Industrial-Strength / Tamperproof

The iButtons are uniquely numbered computer chips which means they can not be duplicated. They are armored in stainless steel containers the size of your fingernail which means they are crafted for years of use.

 Fire extinguisher inspection

The iBR9000 hardware provides proof-positive feedback of scans with a choice of an audible tone and visible light. iButtons have a read rate of 99.999% which is 1 miss read out of 100,000.


Free Lifetime 24x7 Support
Five Year Hardware Warranty
Next Day Delivery
30 day Money Back Guarantee

An indispensable tool

iBR9000 Guard Tour Systems are used worldwide. We ship within 24 hours. Lifetime technical support. 5 year hardware warranty.

The iButtons can be assigned as Checkpoints, Incidents and Guard Buttons enabling the guard tour systems to produce detailed time-based verification reports.iButton

The iButtons can be put anywhere and on anything in your facility. They can withstand temperatures from
-40°F to +185°F.

A leather wallet containing iButtons is available so the guard can record incidents during his guard tour.

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30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Easy access

Periodically, at intervals of your choice, you place the iBR9000 next to your computer and use the guard tour software to transfer the information directly from the iBR9000. remote download


Software / Reports

The guard tour software produces many different types of verification reports and they can be grouped by Client, Site, Wand, Guard and Time.

Graphical reports show the number of scans or the time between scans. Totals reports show the number of scans the Guards are performing by button type and site.

Exception reports allow you to specify the number of scans that should be performed within a specified time frame. All reports can be filtered to include only the Clients, Sites, Guards, Checkpoints or Wands that you want in the report and the reports can be emailed or distributed electronically.


Paul L. Kraska, Manager of Security and Safety
Liberty Science Center, Liberty State Park
251 Philip St., Jersey City, NJ 07305

"Safety and security tours at Liberty Science Center using state of the art iBR9000™ Guard Tour Systems are just phenomenal. Tracking incidents, safety equipment and guard tours has never been easier. Using the automated equipment and software has increased productivity many times over with guaranteed results. The iBR9000™ is durable and virtually indestructible."

Camille Morneault, Manager of Technical Services
Ness Corporation
7 Lafayette St., Milford, CT 06460

"The ease and reliability of the iBR9000™ has allowed my security staff to perform their guard tours with accuracy. It offers superior performance in any environment which requires a rugged, reliable guard system."

Rob Gensel, Service Manager
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
1 Bungtown Rd, Cold Spring Harbor, NY 11724

"All I can say is that I have found the iBR9000™ Guard Tour Systems to be compact, sturdy, reliable and simply stated - it gets the job done"


Key Benefits

High impact fiberglass reinforced nylon case
9200 Station Memory
Easy One Touch Operation
Powered by standard user replaceable lithium battery - No recharging required
Weighs 1.75 Ounces (50g)
Size: 2.7" x 1.67" x 0.85"
(68mm x 42mm x 21mm)
Guard Tour Software for all versions of Windows
All Inclusive Flexible Management Reports - Activity, Exception, Incident Reports

Guaranteed Security

Tamperproof security that is fast and easy to use
Money back guarantee - if not satisfied for any reason, return in 30 days for a prompt refund
Five year Hardware Warranty
Two Year Battery Warranty
Next day exchange for lifetime of unit
Free Unlimited Lifetime 24x7 Support

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iBR9000 Guard Tour Systems